Training and Development is the continuous process of improving skills, gaining knowledge, clarifying concepts and changing attitude through structured and planned education by which the productivity and performance of the employees can be enhanced. Employee training and development increases job satisfaction and morale among employees as well. The primary goal of training is to reinforce existing skills and competencies so that employees became more productive.

In ISOTEC, T & D Cycle comprises of training need identification, formulation of Annual Training Plan, development of competency & skill matrices, conduct & impart trainings and post training performance evaluation of staff.

On job training, technical, soft skills, QMS, HSE and Hands on trainings are imparted to staff through inhouse facilitators, external trainers, online trainings, , internship, posting at plants as trainees and preparation for assessment examinations of certified trainings.

Training Statistics

At ISOTEC from Dec 2018 to August 2021, 43 trainings have been arranged of 477 training hours for 1500 training man-hours through 34 internal & 09 external facilitation.0020Training includes 22 Technical, 11 QMS, 06 HSE, 02 Soft skills & 02 Hands on training at plant